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Presented by Tamara Hill

My goal is to offer you the tips, tools and resources you need to succeed in your finances. Whether that is through my ongoing conferences, a one-on-one coaching session or reading my articles, I'm certain you'll be inspired to LiftOff Your Finances! 

LiftOff Your Finances 

The inspiration for LiftOff Your Finances™ was created during the U.S. Great Recession, when I was working as a banking professional. It was a time in our nation where the housing market was in a great crisis and job layoffs and unemployment were top stories in the news. Like many Americans, that time period really made me assess my financial stability and establish new habits to steady my household income. During this time, I was getting one of the best financial educations ever by working at an actual bank, and I was also praying and reading various resources to get a better handle on my finances. Before I knew it, I had unexpectedly created a “program” that I was successfully following, and I was no longer having financial emergencies that would previously get me off track. 


As I continued becoming more confident about managing my day-to-day finances, I decided to set different savings goals to help me reach new financial levels. This all started when someone challenged me to save $10,000, and to my surprise - through faith, prayer and practical steps - I met this goal in a much shorter time period than expected! From there, I continued setting and achieving different financial goals privately, until a respected friend and pastor encouraged me to formally coach others about their finances. This led to me developing a formal financial education program, LiftOff Your Finances™. 


Whether you’re trying to pay off debts, aiming to buy your first home or are looking for new ways to expand your income, this blog will provide helpful advice for you. I’m a real person living in Colorado with a BIG testimony, and I’m truly honored to share some of my insights with you. Thank you for stopping by.

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