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Updates from recent LiftOff Your Finances™ Events



I can’t tell you how excited and grateful I am to share positive updates about our inaugural LiftOff Your Finances™ live conferences. The first conference was sponsored by Tri-Life Media in Englewood, Colorado in November 2021. So far in 2022, we've had a wonderful event sponsored by the House of Purpose Church in Denver, Colorado (January) and an opportunity to share our financial message with the DivorceCare group sponsored by Mountainview Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (April).  These activities are a great way to engage with the local community and share hope and inspiration about financial transformation, while ultimately promoting a deeper relationship and trust in the Lord. These events would not have been possible without the help of several dedicated volunteers, friends and family members, and I thank them all so much for their ongoing support and prayers. Additionally, I’d like to thank Encounter Church Denver, House of Purpose, the national Christian Television Network, KLTT 670 AM Christian Talk Radio, E3 Assistance and the Hotel Denver Inverness for all of their support, expertise and promotion along the way.


I’m prayerful that we’ll have more live events like these in 2022. There’s nothing more that I love than connecting with people and sharing the hope, joy and promises of the Lord that are freely available to us all. Here's to a great new year!


NOTE: If you’re interested in hosting a LiftOff Your Finances™ conference at your local church or in your community, please email or call 720-792-LIFE (5433) for more details.

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Join us LIVE in person for an upcoming LiftOff Your Finances™ event. These are not investment classes, and they're not designed to make you feel bad about any financial decisions you’ve made in the past. Instead, during our live events, you'll meet Tamara Hill and learn key financial principles firsthand, including:

  • How your faith and Biblically-based principles can transform your finances.

  • How to develop your personal money game plan to accelerate your financial goals. 

  • How to realize your financial dreams through a new money mindset.


NOTE: Our live events are fun and simple-to-understand; you don't need to have a financial background to attend and you won't have to endure any pushy sales pitches. These events are empowering and truly designed to help transform your personal financial circumstances in practical ways that are meaningful for you. 

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