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Divorce and Your Credit Score

So many people are understandably worried about many aspects of divorce, including how to protect your personal credit score from ruin. Although divorce is very difficult, it doesn't automatically ruin your credit. I know this from a personal standpoint because even though I lost mostly every material item in my divorce proceedings, I walked away with a higher credit score than my ex-husband. I believe this worked out because of the grace and favor of God, but also because the only shared account we had was our mortgage, which I agreed to let him have. I did this through the proper legal channels, and he eventually refinanced so my name was no longer on the mortgage.

If you'd like more information about divorce and your credit score, please read these very helpful articles:

No matter what is going on with your divorce or credit score, remember that the Lord is an ever-present help in the time of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Shortly after a divorce where I felt I lost everything, the Lord blessed me with a brand new home of my choosing for only $3.74. This taught me that God is true and faithful to His promises and each one of of us. Please know that I am praying for you; you will get through this and I highly encourage you to stay close to the Lord for Wisdom and strength. You can also write me and share your feedback -

Praying for you,


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