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The Power of "Thank You"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Today's post includes a brief, but powerful, reminder about how important it is to remain thankful, even during challenging experiences like a layoff or coronavirus-related issues. Many of you might be thinking, "How can I possibly be thankful when I'm experiencing such struggles in my life?" I agree that when situations are difficult, feeling thankful can seem like a stretch. But fortunately we don't have to be motivated by our feelings alone, because as we all know, feelings frequently change. And miraculously, when we choose to give thanks in dark situations, that simple act of humility can be the key to transforming the situation.

My perspective is based on a spiritual principle that Jesus Christ demonstrated when he fed the crowd of 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish (Mark 6:30-44 NIV). Before this event occurred, even Jesus' disciples expressed how it was impossible to feed all of those people (verses 35-37)! In spite of the disciples' logical questions, Jesus did the unthinkable and gave thanks to God for the fish and bread, an act that probably seemed senseless to all who were observing Jesus' actions. But after Jesus expressed gratitude for what clearly wasn't enough, the miracle happened as the food was multiplied for all to enjoy.

Even if you are not a Bible-reader, the principle is still very clear. There are countless accounts of people giving thanks in situations of depravity and eventually seeing a turnaround.

  • One of the immediate changes everyone can experience with giving thanks is a brighter outlook.

I can personally say as I endure the loss of a committed relationship, that when I give thanks for the current situation I'm in, it reminds me that the hurt that I'm experiencing in this situation is temporary. It also reminds me to focus on the loving relationships that I still do have, like with my parents, my sister/best friend Summer, my long term friends Crystal and Marisol, several church members and more.

While I will be the first to admit that there are many things in life that we just can't control, it's such a privilege and joy to remember that we can control the most important thing of all: our attitude.

Always in your corner,


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