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Renewing Your Inner & Outer Beauty 

Through Faith & Community

Tamara Hill.HEIC

“Most people view beauty in one of two ways: either it’s the ultimate measure a woman’s value, or it’s completely overrated and irrelevant. From my perspective, both of these are fully addressed in God’s Word. To those in the former category, I agree that beauty is important, but the source of that beauty - which comes from deep within - is much more significant than external looks alone (Proverbs 31). And for those in the latter category who believe beauty is irrelevant, we can see how God literally used internal and external beauty to help save an entire nation from persecution (The Book of Esther). It’s my purpose with LiftOff Your Beauty™ to bridge these views and help women embrace all aspects of their beauty by identifying themselves through the lens of faith in Jesus Christ."

~ Tamara Hill, Licensed Esthetician, Professional Makeup Artist and Creator of LiftOff Your Beauty™.

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May 22, 2022, 2:00 PM
Location is TBD
Pink Bubbles

LiftOff Your Beauty

As modern women, we are bombarded with images and social media that illustrate how we should look, act and feel at every stage of life - from our pre-teen years to later adulthood. But what happens if your life doesn’t reflect those ideals? It’s questions like these that inspired me to create LiftOff Your Beauty,™ which is devoted to helping women better understand their worth and identity through the lens of faith in Jesus Christ. 


My personal beauty journey began at 11-years-old, when I suddenly woke up one day with facial acne. I didn't realize it at the time, but this was a disguised blessing, forcing me to learn how to properly apply and remove makeup and maintain a twice-daily skincare routine. But the downside of focusing on external beauty so heavily at a young age is that I became obsessed with my appearance and eventually developed an eating disorder. My self esteem naturally tanked during this period, and I began looking to dating relationships and other forms of external validation to fill the emptiness in my life. This continued for two years of my later teen/young adult years, and I really didn’t understand how I arrived at that place in life.


Transformation came when I was 20 years old and someone shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with me, and miraculously, soon after that, I was literally set free from that eating disorder. And immediately afterwards, my deeper, lifelong healing process began. This included understanding why I felt so empty inside in the first place and diligently pursuing the promises and truth of God's Word to replace erroneous, negative thoughts and fears.  As I continued praying, reading and memorizing sections of my Bible and going to church and Bible study each week, my values shifted and my self worth became redefined, stabilized and anchored in Jesus Christ.


I'm so thankful to share that I've come a mighty long way since those early dark days, but my journey isn't complete. Each day, I have a decision - just like each of you - to realign my values and inner beliefs with the truth of God's timeless Word. In fact, the Bible describes this as committing to the "entire renewal of your mind," and it's truly a lifetime pursuit since we all are faced with new circumstances each day (Romans 12:2). No matter where you are on your personal journey, LiftOff Your Beauty™ has something for you. Whether it's sharing practical tips from my experiences as a beauty industry professional or Biblical tips from the Word of God, your inner and outer beauty will be truly renewed. It's a true honor to join you on your personal journey and I look forward to connecting with you.




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