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Financial Coach 

My goal is to guide you in your carre goals by offering one-on-one coaching,  tips, tools and resources that will set you on a path to success. Whether that is through my ongoing conferences, a one-on-one coaching session or reading my articles, I'm certain you'll be inspired to LiftOff From Layoff! 

LiftOff From Layoff 

LiftOff From Layoff™ was born out of my professional career experiences, which 

unfortunately included layoffs. Each time I was laid off felt very devastating, but through prayer and faith in the Lord, plus applying practical tips, I came out better each time – with a better job, a better salary and a better work environment. I also never lost my home or experienced any major financial setbacks as a result of those layoffs. But more than anything, I came out with greater confidence and wisdom that helped me move forward.


As others witnessed these transitions in my life, they began asking me for advice when they were laid off – such as how to apply for and stretch unemployment payments, how to launch a successful job search and how to get back in the job market after being out for extended periods (sometimes years). To their surprise – and to my delight – the various tips that I learned from being laid off worked for them too! It is the collection of these experiences that inspired LiftOff From Layoff™.

Whether you've experienced a job loss due to coronavirus or have been unemployed for some time,  this blog will provide helpful advice for you. I’m a real person living in Colorado with a BIG testimony, and I’m truly honored to share some of my insights with you. Thank you for stopping by.

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